Duplicated Content in Lookup

Has anyone seen duplicated content resulting from a Lookup?

I’ve noticed this in a couple different tables and it is causing formula errors for me.

For example, I have a lookup on a single select field with only these options: http://photoville.org/uploads/2020-08-05_073451_3zvyyjo.png

Yet, in the resulting field, there are sporadic entries that appear as ‘Clinical Trial, Clinical Trial’

When I subsequently attempt to use this field in a Switch(), I get ‘#ERROR!’ in those case where the entry is duplicated.

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Is the record with the duplicate content in the lookup linked to multiple records? More specifically, is it linked to multiple “Clinical Trials” records? A lookup field shows the lookup value for all of the linked records. If a record has two record links, the corresponding lookup would show two values, even if they are the same.

An alternative is to use a rollup field with the ARRAYUNIQUE(values) formula.

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Thank you, that totally was the problem, and a nice solution!

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