Duplicating Records Creates Invalid Record Link

I came across an issue recently where a linked record column in table ‘A’ without the option to allow multiple linked records, still contained some records with multiple links to records in table ‘B’.
Upon researching the matter it turns out that when you duplicate a record in table ‘B’ it duplicates the entire record including the column tracking the reverse link to records in table ‘A’ and therefore causing the record in table ‘A’ to now contain a second link to the newly created record.

I understand why this is happening, as duplicating the record in its entirety includes the linked records column, however i am not sure this is the correct behavior, certainly if it violates a constraint added in another table

Upon further research, I realized that it isn’t just duplicating the record in table b that creates the second link
Rather links can simply be created in in table B referencing table A despite the fact that table A is trying to limit links to only 1 record.

Ultimately the solution was simple, lock the link column in table B and only allow links to be created in table A where the single link limit is enforced. This solves both manually added links and links added by duplication.

Sorry for the rant, but i figured I’d leave this up here in case anyone encountered the same issue

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