Dynamic/conditional linked record Filtering Google Tables

Hi All!

Google Tables Offers Dynamic filtering of linked records. Some People Refer to this functionality as cascading drop downs, conditional selects, dynamic linked record filtering. This has been a feature many people have been asking for since airtable launch. Given the google eco system, I may very well jump ship. Take notes airtable.

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Yep, it’s really sad. Airtable had the lead for a while, but they seem to pride themselves on ignoring their customers’ needs. :man_shrugging: Not sure how long a company can thrive (or even survive) with an attitude like that. :man_shrugging:

It’s quite possible that Google Tables will hurt Airtable in the long run, and if so, it will be because of Airtable’s hubris. Google actually listens to their customers’ needs, whereas Airtable is famously known for ignoring their customers’ needs for years.


Agreed! I’ve been pestering them about this for years.

Side note: google tables also allows links to non primary fields, once they role out their formulas, which I expect to be stellar given sheets, I think I will attempt the migration. Hopefully some competition will accelerate A tables missing feature roll outs.

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Wow!! Seems like Google Table is fixing all the problems that Airtable has refused to address for years. Who knows if Airtable will respond appropriately or not — overall, Airtable seems extremely tone deaf, and I’ve seen no evidence of that changing.

……lol google’s track record of shutting down products is far too alarming to jump ship.

Ha, this is an excellent point!

That being said— this feature should have came out last year. Airtable can def step it up. Not sure why they are bread crumbing

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