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I am very new to AirTable. Here’s what I would like to accomplish. An email is sent to AirTable, which is then triggered/processed because it contains a specific subject of “Inventory”. AirTable then looks at the body of the email and looks for fields with thier values. For example, the email could look like:


Batch = 000012
User = Mary Jane
Usage Type = Discarded

I would then have a table in my database which contains columns named: “Batch”, “User” and “Usage Type”.

I would like the values (after the equal sign) to be added into their matching columns as a new record in the table.

I have a method for creating the emails, and I can have them formatted in anyway to get this to work correctly. I looked into Zapier which appeared to be my only solution, but even that I struggled with setting up.

Any kind of advice, tips, articles, videos, would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Jason_Burke1,

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This is definitely doable using Zapier Email Parser. This link has a video on how to setup the parser.

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Wow! That is EXACTLY what I needed. You have made my day, thank you so much!

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

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