Entering Emojis?


Partially touching an item mentioned in the discussion from Conditional Formatting:

I haven’t figured out how to display the emojis in my bases. I typed :boom:, added it to formulas and any other way I could think of, but all I get is the typed :boom:, not :boom:

Any ideas?


Hi, I had trouble with this but found that you have to use a website or similar (e.g getemoji.com) to copy and paste the emoji directly into the formula so the symbol shows rather than text.

The next problem I had was that as I was using chrome desktop on windows they would only display in black and white…if you have safari it should display in colour and if you use the apps on mobile they will also display in colour.


You are right, I was referred to http://emojipedia.org/ – currently to make that work you need to paste the emoji from elsewhere.

I’ve got no problem with seeing them in colors using Chrome for Mac.