Event Template - Rollup Challenge


Hi! I’ve been working on a many templates for event management and I’ve finally hit a snag that I can’t quite figure out.

The goal was to have the end product be two sheets (page designer blocks) by location and vendor that include all the various elements by category nicely displayed on one page to distribute to various people from the team.

See here for an example of how I did this very quickly for one project: https://airtable.com/shr59GzUpzxcJvwpS
A couple things about this version-

  1. This does not allow for all of the allocations to exist in one place and it becomes confusing to track.
  2. It’s very hard to account for notes for each room
  3. It’s also just not very good database set up (too many variables change project to project)

The new template I’m working with is here:https://airtable.com/shr3jKRgN6XJFLXo8

What I’m having trouble doing in this one is to rollup the elements by category in the spaces table so that I can have them easy to display on the block, similar to the first template. I’ve found a few workarounds for this (ARRAYJOIN(values, “\n”)), but this does not work for ARRAYUNIQUE(), and SUBSTITUTE() was not working as well. This also comes from an IF() statement for each category which is not helpful when categories and variables change.

If I was able to filter/group in page designer this would all be a moot point. But alas!

Any advice from the community would be appreciated!