Filestacker upload window does not work on some phones


Hello. I am having an issue when uploading a file field using the web form. When i choose the file or photo and return to the upload window, the bottom bar with the “Filestacker” logo and the buttons “Remove all” and “Upload” does not appear (seems cut off from the screen) making it impossible to upload the photo using the “Upload” button.

Help Please !!

I tried this on an iPhone 4 and Android. Same problem.

PS It works fine on desktop using safari and on iPhone 6 using safari.

Best Regards.

PS: Love Airtable



Hi @Nuno_Sousa! Thanks for reporting this to us and sorry for the inconvenience. I was able to reproduce the issue, and we’ll work on a fix.


Hi. Thanks for incredibly fast response. I am really loving Airtable. Keep up the great work Regards from Portugal