Filling multiple feilds with a url formula

I cant seem to get this formula to work. its prefilling an airtable form but i cant get the second feild to fill. it says its a good link it just doesnt fill the second box.
heres what i have
here is an example of what that outputs
the unit number prefills fine but the plant does not. 261A is the data from the UNIT table. the title of the field on the form is also UNIT. 12-CONV is the data in the feild PLANT. The title of the feild on the form is also PLANT
note everything in my base is in all caps and “encode plant” is all the plant names run through the url encode formula. i also have a single select with three options id like to prefill also if someone can help me with adding that as well?

It looks like you’re missing the prefill_ prefix on the second field. Give this a try:


To add the manager single select might look something like:

CONCATENATE('',{MANAGER}, '&prefill_UNIT=',{UNIT} & '&prefill_PLANT=',{ENCODE PLANT})
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thank you not only did this work but i get it now. lol


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