Find local food products

A newbie here, trying to understand what is possible with Airtable.

I am involved in a project that is about informing about local food products.

Basically, it is a couple of text entries and a picture with each product.

Ambassadors with a separate login will visit a store and take an inventory - which products are available and in which store?

All products and where they can be found must be viewable via a mobile or desktop browser by anyone without logging in.

Is it possible to do with Airtable?
How would you do it?

Hi Andre! Welcome to the Airtable Community!

Maelyn here with the Airtable Customer Support Team :wave:

I actually do something similar to this with my personal budgeting system. I’ve created a form with the information that needs to be added to my table and saved the link as a bookmark on my mobile home screen. When I’m in the store or making a purchase, I just open up the link and input the info like an app. No need to log in!

I have a separate link that I use to show me the currently available balance in my budget, and I think this would suit your needs as well. Create a View Only Share link to the table that shows all products and where they can be found. The people who are entering this information for you could save the link to their mobile home screen and use it as an app. No login required.

If this has helped, please mark the response as solved. If not, please let me know what questions you have so I can continue to finesse this solution for you.

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