Find the single value among many

I have a “Lookup” field that shows me many values ​​in the same field according to the tab relationship. For example:

It is related to a field called orders, the lookup shows a field with the number of orders, and the next lookup shows the month in which they were made, but it shows me the same repeated many times, (July, July, July, August, July , August). What I need is a formula that breaks me down and shows me only the months (July, August).


Hey @Sergio_Xicara!
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For this, I recommend changing the field type into a rollup instead of a lookup field.
Doing this will allow you to use the ARRAYUNIQUE function.
That will eliminate any duplicate values from appearing in the field.

It will also allow you to deprecate your formula field since the rollup field will return you a direct string instead of the direct single/multi-select field values being read in the lookup.

Let me know if you need any additional details or help on this one.


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