Formula to calculate the latest Date in an array

Hi Everyone,

I’m newbie on Airtable. I want to make my first formula.
I want to know the latest date. I try to use Max, but the result is zero…

I used this formula :

  • MAX({Starting date (from Activity journal)})

(first colum is Starting date, last colum is used for the formula)

Data in “starting” column look OK, since is able to calculate the MinDate in the summary…

Any idea ?

Thank you!!

Welcome to the Airtable community!

The MAX and MIN functions are a bit tricky to use when working with dates. They do not work well with lookup fields, and lookup fields also tend to be tricky to use in formulas.

Instead of using a new formula field based on the lookup field, try creating a new rollup field with the same linked field as the lookup field, and use the formula


Thank you Kuovonne, that was exactly my need!

Now I have to understand difference between Rollup and Lookup :slight_smile:
Have a good day

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