Formula to identify records that need attention

Dear lovely people,

I’m stuck with a formula (again). I have a base for coordination of translation work. I’d like to get an alert emoji if in a record:

  • “activity” is “translation” and WC is empty or
  • “activity” is “review, proofreading, upload” and “time task” is empty or
  • “activity” is empty

Do you know if this is possible to build in a formula field?

Thanks so much in advance! :blush:


Hi @Belen_Bueso_Rios,

Yes, definitely possible. Better yet, you can use the Colors or Views to do so.

If you want to use a formula, you can use the following:

IF(AND(Activity="translation",WC=BLANK()), "⚠️",
IF(AND(OR(Activity="review",Activity="proofreading",Activity="upload"),{Time Task}=Blank()), "⚠️",

Let me know if that works as expected.


Of course, colors! That works beautifully. You’re a genius. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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