Group Linked Records on Page Designer


Hi guys,

We are a builder and I want to be able to report on the Issue Types encountered during the each build and when and how often they are occurring. Therefore I have the following tables:

Builds - (Linked to Issue Occurrences, Page Designer Based on this table)
Issue Types - (Unique Types of Issue)
Issue Occurrences - (linked to Builds and Issue Types)

On site the guys register occurrences of different issue types against each Build as they happen.

I want to produce a report on each build that summarises the build and gives information about what issues we had and how frequently they occurred. I have a Page Designer Report done up based off the Build Table. When I drop the linked field to Issue Occurrences onto the page it gives me a list of all Issue Occurrences. What I actually want is a summarised list of these occurrences. This would be solved with a Group By operation normally but that is not available in the Page Designer Options and the Group By function for the Issue Occurrences View does not seem to affect what is displayed in the report.

Can anyone think of a clever way of doing this?

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p.s I want to put an image of my report in here which i have amended in paint to show you what i want but it wont allow me…Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you understand the issue.



Hi there,

I also wish there was a capability to group, or better yet, filter linked records in Page Designer. A workaround that I recently implemented is this… I needed to grab only the records that met a certain condition. So on the originating table I wrote a conditional formula that simulates rows in a table, in a way.

The only limiting factors are that you’ll need to choose a monospaced font in Page Designer, and you’ll need to have a reliable estimate of the maximum amount of characters for each field. The example below is meant for an audit in which we ask people to fill in the missing information, which is why I have all the additional IF() statements with the underscores.

IF({On Vehicle?} = "☁️ Floating", "☁️ " & {Owned By} & REPT(" ", 4-LEN({Owned By})) & ": " & {Plate Number} & REPT(" ", 8-LEN({Plate Number})) & "| " & IF({Dept}, {Dept} & REPT(" ", 13-LEN({Dept})), "Dept: ______ ") & "| Assigned To: " & IF({Assigned Person}, {Assigned Person} & REPT(" ", 25-LEN({Assigned Person})), "_________________________") & " | Use: " & IF({Use}, {Use} & REPT(" ", 25-LEN({Use})), "_________________________") & " | Verified? _______" & IF(Physical = "N/A", "‼️ Location Unknown"))

Then I have a rollup on a separate table that joins the above formula field in an array with a new line separator ("\n").

End result in page designer shows only the records I want :slight_smile:

EDIT: I realize this may not solve your problem directly, but if you create a field for each group of records you need to fit on the page, it might work.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

It sounds like this may work for me. I will try to implement this now and let you know.

If anyone else knows of another way that will let me keep the Table View in the Page Designer that would be great.



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Just had another thought… it isn’t perfect, but you could also simulate the groups by linking each group of records as separate fields to the same record. I.e a separate field for both {apples} and {oranges} linked to {fruits} on the other table. Hope that makes sense.