Header Printing - Multiple Page Grid


I’m curious if I need to make a change to ensure the header rows print at the top of every page when using grid view. I have a multi-page document and I’m either getting the header row only on the first page, or in one case only one of the 4 column headers on the subsequent pages. Is there a setting for this please?


I get the Field name-headers on all pages. You not?

No, for instance I put together this test table just to check:

Hi - was this ever solved? I’m having the same problem. The column/field headers are only showing on page 1 of my print out, and its extremely difficult to determine what information is in what column on the subsequent pages!

Hi @Vonda_DenBoer

In what format/block are you printing from?

This link goes through the different printing options. There is another link at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay