Help needed to connect Airtable to Power BI / Excel


Hi Everyone,

I am using Airtable as my CRM. I love it. However, the data vizualisation blocks are not enough and I would like to create comprehensive dashboards in Excel or Power BI.
I am not a technical guy but I managed to connect the API for small tables.
However, my 2 main tables have 25k and 8k rows… I do not know how to do it for these ones.

I would like to have my data updated daily so I can share it with partaners.

Is the API allow this task ? Anyone can help ?

Thanks a lot,

Hugo Le Morvan


Hi Hugo,

What are the issues you are running into?

FYI: My clients are using a custom made web service connecting up to 100 separate Airtable bases (all synchronized fast and perfectly). The amount of data should not be a problem. :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me with a private message!




Hey Hugo, we too can help here. Very familiar with the API as well as working with PowerBI.

Ping me at


A bit late possibly? But here is how you can have it automatically imported into excel: