Help Please! Quick answer. Custom Reports?

Thanks Forum in adavance.
How would I (Is it possible even?) to create a custom report with certain fields to print?
Thanks again in advance for your replies all you experienced Airtable people!

Hi there!

Depending on your base’s set-up and what you want your result to be, there are several ways to go about this.

  • Create a view with only the fields you want to print
  • Export to a .csv and print that way
  • The Page Designer Block is pretty versatile, but you need to manually pull the reports from it by printing them to a PDF. Hopefully someday we can automate that process :slight_smile:
  • You could use Zapier as well - check out this post for info on how to create an html table to be emailed from your base!

And finally, there are a few other third-party apps, like ReportBin - I haven’t gotten to play with it yet but I’ve heard good things!

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Good morning/day/evening there wherever.

Thanks for the reply. I was just going to amend my post to say WITHOUT CSV. Thanks. I’ll check out the third party app. More $ lol

I was hoping a more traditional report generator and without a lot of work. Thanks for taking your time and reply.

You’re welcome and I totally agree about the csv - not a huge fan of that option!

As far as the third party apps go… you can set-up up to 5 Zaps for free with Zapier. Not sure about ReportBin’s pricing.

Happy to help further if you need!