Help revise IF Statement

Hello community! I have the below if statement that needs revising. The issue is that the formula assumes zero when DeStaging Date is blank, when in fact, I want to see the result from the rest of the formula to popup on my Google Calendar. What should I add?

IF({DeStaging Date}<{Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date},“No renewal charge”,CONCATENATE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date},‘MM-DD-YY’)," | “,{Client Name},” | ",“Rental Fee Renewal Date”))

Hi @Nedra_Hines
So IF there is no date, you want to see the concatenation text, if there is a date run the formula as you have it.

Try to plug that into another IF statement.

IF({DeStaging Date} != "", IF({DeStaging Date}<{Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date}, 'No renewal charge', CONCATENATE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date}, 'MM-DD-YY'),'|',{Client Name},'|','Rental Fee Renewal Date')))

Thank you so much for your answer! That worked perfectly!!!

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