Help with IF formula to give y/n answer

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a formula for the following:
I’d like a Field that shows me if a date (which I have, based on a formula in an adjacent field) is in 2019, then this field should be “yes”. I’m struggling to get that to work. Would love any help out there.


This should be what you need:


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Thank you, Julian, but that did not work.

Two things, I think.

  1. The Yes or No should be an answer to if another Field has a 2019 date
  2. The Contract End Date Field that #1 above is referencing is a formula DATEADD({Contract Start Date},1,‘y’), so is it even possible for the formula in the Yes/No field to pull only the year?

Additionally, a simpler way to do this may be just a Field column with Renewal Year (which I’d then group or link to another table). Is there a formula that will pull just the year from Contract End Date (a formula field) and have that as the fill for the record in that field?

Thank you

Hi @Zeke_Fraint - I think @Julian_Kirkness’s answer works, might just be the way you’re translating his answer to your base. It looks like you’ve got this:

As per Julian’s answer the 2019? field formula is:

IF(YEAR({Contract End Date})=2019,'Yes','No')

Presumably, you want to know when the contract end date is in “this year” rather than just 2019? If so, you could extend the formula thus:

IF(YEAR({Contract End Date})=YEAR(TODAY()),'Yes','No')

The “This Year?” column will work in 2020, 2021 and so on without any changes.


Wow, @JonathanBowen thank you. Both of those are exactly correct. Thank you so much to you and @Julian_Kirkness. Much appreciated!

Can I link to another table (like a pivot) from this 2019 Renewal field? @Julian_Kirkness @JonathanBowen