Helpful Pre-Made Data Tables


These are static tables I find myself using frequently when building bases for clients, so I keep a copy of them on their own in my account so I can easily copy-paste them into bases when needed. I’m creating this wiki to share them in case other people might want to use them, or contribute their own reusable pre-mades.

To make use of these, open the base through the links below, then use the “Copy base” button (top right corner) to add a copy of it to your own workspace. Then, you can copy (⌘/ctrl + a --> ⌘/ctrl + c) and paste the table desired into other bases as needed.

US & CA States/Districts/Territories

Includes Country, Capital City, and Postal Abbreviation.

Airtable Keyboard Shortcuts

The same list you can access from the “Help” menu, but will be hit by global searches from the Search Block if included in a base, which is a bit more exposed and allows serendipitous discovery of shortcuts by users.

AlphaNumeric ID Generator

Produces the ID’s AA001 - ZZ999 in sequence, for a total of 675,324 unique ID’s. Thanks to @W_Vann_Hall for building this one.

Timezone single-select

Instructions here on how to create a single-select field containing supported timezone indicators for use with SET_TIMEZONE(). (Note: It appears Airtable has modified the TZ list since that reply was originally written: You’ll also want to delete the empty records from the resulting base before converting the single-line text field to single-select, and you’ll need to append a comma to the new[?] 'GMT' entry.)

Or go here for pre-made selection fields, with or without surrounding quotes:

Inventory Barcode solution

These are great! I especially like the idea of including the keyboard shortcuts as a table that might felicitously appear in a search.

Might I suggest others append similarly useful links to tables or community posts, so this might become a one-stop shop for oft-needed data sets? (Alternatively, I suppose you could wiki-fy it — although I’m not sure in what form, exactly, such a thing would take.) I have a few entries I’d like to contribute — such as a single-select timezone field or the base that generates a list of (U.S.) holidays for use in WORKDAY*() functions — and I’m positive dozens more are out there, as well.


I already did “wiki-fy” it. You should be able to edit/add to it… I think