How can i combine 2 formulars? (OPEN)

i will combine:
LEN({Long Text})
IF(LEN({Long Text})>280, “:x:Over Limit”, “:white_check_mark:Under Limit”)

The result should be: example: 150 :white_check_mark:Under Limit

Put an ampersand between the two formulas. I’ll assume you want to include a space between the number and the checkmark/X so in this case you would add & " " &:

LEN({Long Text}) & " " & IF(LEN({Long Text})>280, ":x:Over Limit", ":white_check_mark:Under Limit")

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Thanks for the fast help!

second question:
IF(LEN({Brand})<50 & >2000, “:x:”, “:white_check_mark:”& " " & LEN({Brand}) )

between it? how can i do that?

  • i will also mark as X when a specific word writte example: “FORBIDDEN”

Between what?

IF(FIND("Forbidden", {Field Name}),":x:")

i mean between both values

example <50 and >100 then mark TRUE

IF(LEN({Description})<10, IF(LEN({Description})>20, “:white_check_mark:”, “:x:to long”), “:x:to short”)
but this dont works

i found the solution, but one last question?!
How can i create a list with forbidden words?
imagine a kind of Blacklisted words: shirt, hi, hello, test1, test2

IF(FIND(“shirt”, {Description}),“Error”)

Your formula is pretty close:


Basically, repeat the FIND() portion of the formula within an OR() function.

but i have 123 words for my blacklist and more then one row to check, is there any easier method?

That sounds a View to me.

explain me that please

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