How can I generate the random combination of four numeric digits?


How can I generate the four digits in one field? I want to have a random combination of four digits, of course, everyone is unique. And, don’t want to have an “increase” from 0001,0002, 0003———1000, 1001—9998, 9999, just want to have really the random combination when I create each item. Is it possible?


I think you can’t, there is no such function for the Formula field (nor a ‘Random Number’ field type, of course):


hi Elias,
thank you, ok, got it.
I’m wondering, then how the company needs the inventory function that can provide each item/product has a Radom Numbric digits? Another solution is welcome.


@Jeremy_Oglesby , I would want to invite you for another “cool” function requesting.