How to create a date & time field using a Time (Only) field?

I have Airtable integrated with a third party app, where all data collections automatically flow into Airtable.

Two main fields that get loaded into Airtable are a user-entered Date and Time. I’d like to create a third formula column in order to add these two together to get a Date & Time Airtable field.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the formula to use here? I’ve experimented for days with no success. Thanks in advance!

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The exact formula will depend on the field types of the inputs. For example, the process will be different if your time is a text field versus a duration field.

If your time is a duration field, you can use DATEADD() to add the number of seconds in the duration field to the date.

If your time is a number field, you can use DATEADD().

If your time is a text field, you can use DATETIME_PARSE() in combination with DATETIME_FORMAT or DATESTR. It looks like this is the case, but it can be hard to tell because your {Time Test} is a formula field…

  DATESTR({Date Test}) & " " & {Time Test},
  "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm"

All of these functions are documented in the formula field reference.

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