How to create an invoice from a order form


I would like to generate a simple invoice or delivery note from an order form in airtable

I have a small plant shop.

Customers should be able to pic some plants from a database and send me a order. I would like to print this order and prepare the plants for pick-up.

I tryed already with some items but was not able to integrate the wished quantity of items, the price and the final calculaltion.

Is there a template for this problem. I think it is the basic need every little store has.

My goal would be, that the customer can click in the inventory gallery (form) on some items, add quantity and send me this order form with his name and adress…

Below you will see some screenhots and links.


Items in inventory you can choose:


The order form:

Hi @Daniel_Boschung,

In the Page Designer Block, click on the Table you have created from the Items list, you will find on the left (Add Column), this will allow you to add the qty and price.

Check out this help article for more info.


Thanks Mo for this hint.
That works on the Page Designer Block :slightly_smiling_face:

But is there a possibility to integrate quantity in the form as well? Means the customer fills out a form and selects an item which is connected to a record in a table and can add an iteger number as quantity.

From the information in this form I would like to generate an delivery note.


Hi Daniel,

The problem will be that they cannot enter several quantities for several items. Meaning, they can only choose one item and enter one qty.

We built a form for Airtable that supports creating line items inside the form.