How to lookup a single record based on checkbox status


I currently have a table called Work orders and a table called Tasks. Work orders have related tasks but tasks can also have the checkbox “Next Action” and I would like to be able to see whichever task is set to next action in the work order table. Is there a way to filter out all tasks that are not marked as next action?
So here is would only show “Install Stuff” because the next action box is checked in the Tasks Table

Also If there is a better way to do this Im all ears, basically just a way to flag a particular task as the next action and be able to see that in the Work order table

Here is a link to the base



You can do this:

  1. Add a Formula field to Tasks table: IF({Next Action}, Name). You can call it Is Next for instance.
  2. Change the Lookup field to map this field instead of Name field.


Thats just what I needed, thanks for the help


Just to note, you’ll get ALL the tasks marked, which could be even better for you (or not :stuck_out_tongue:).