How to replace Join Table (from relational world)

I want to track Companies, People, and date each person is hired.

In a relational database I would use a “join table” to handle the many-to-many relationship and would include a “HiredDate” field in this join table.

AirTable makes many-to-many relationships easy, but then no easy way to track hire date for each person at each company. This seems like such a common use case (companies/people, products/customers, students/classes). What am I missing?


What do you mean by “track the hire date for each person”? You’re already tracking this information in the join table, but do you mean that you would like to display this information in the People table?

If so, you would use a lookup field.

Also, you might find Airtable’s guide to many-to-many relationships useful:

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Thanks @ScottWorld for the prompt reply! I meant that the “hire date” is info about the relationship between company and the person. But it looks like the doc you linked has a section on “Many-to-many relationships and junction tables” which appears to be exactly my proposed use case. I’ll ping back if it does not answer my question. Thanks again!

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