How to select from only "available" records or fields... Creating a meeting room scheduler

What Airtable functions can I use to create fields that allow you to select from a list of records, but only allow you to select records that haven’t been selected by other fields on the same Table?

Use: I am a meeting planner. I would like to input the names of meeting rooms that are available. I would like to be able to assign a meeting room to a record. In order to not double-book a meeting room, I would only like rooms that have not already been selected (booked) to be selectable options within a record.

My initial thinking is that I would create a Table, wherein each meeting room has its own record and that those records are referenced from another table as selectable. Perhaps a second table and links are not appropriate and it is better to create some sort of single select or multi select fields. I should mention that ideally, a single record would be able to select multiple rooms, since some of our rooms can be physically joined to create larger rooms. For example:

If Record = Meeting 1, can it have an option to Room A or both Room A and B?
If Record 2 = Meeting 2, can it have the option to select Room C, but not A or B, because those were previously selected by Meeting 1?


Hi there!

I would definitely do this across two tables: [Meetings] and [Rooms]. You could then create a view that is filtered to only show rooms that do not have a meeting assigned, and limit your record selection on the [Meetings] table to that view on the [Rooms] table.

The below link has more info on limiting your record selection to a view :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Trying to test all this functionality before ProTrial expires.
Starting a new thread about Page Designer. :slight_smile:

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