I want to count the number of women or men in my organization

Hi! I’m trying to use a formula or count to use in my base.

I have in a board all the information for each of the employees and in another table I have the departments and I want to add how many women or men I have in each department.

How can I count them with a formula?

First GROUP your “People” records by Department, THEN also GROUP them by Gender – this will produce nested grouping in the View. You will have a group of all the employees within a Department, and within that Department they will be grouped by Gender.

When they are grouped like this, Airtable will produce Summary bars at the top of each group, so that you can see the total number of records in that group, as well as other Summary data. You will be able to see the total number of Employees in a Department on the Department group Summary bar, and you will be able to see the total number of Male Employees on the Male > Gender group Summary bar, etc.

If there is any need of further analysis of gender based numbers

Link to base for the department_summary


Hi Neal! What formula did you use for the rollup in the departments table?

Did it!! Thank you!! I used rollup {COUNTA(values)-Man}