IF AND OR SEARCH - What do I use?

I’ve tried searching for an answer similar to mine, but having no luck with what I’m after.

Essentially I want a formula for auto-writing Recipe SEO Titles based off other fields.

Currently I have something simple that I always have to edit:
{Site Name} & IF({Column A}, {Column A}, "") & IF({Column B}, "Vegetarian", "") & IF({Column C}, {Column C}, "") & IF({Column D}, "Vegan", "") & IF({Column E}, {Column E}, "") & {Sep} & {Name of Dish}

Ideally I’d like the formula to read this:

(Site Name)
(Name of Dish) CONTAINS (Column A) SHOW “Budget Meal” ELSE (Column A)
(Name of Dish) CONTAINS (Column B) SHOW “Vegetarian” ELSE (Column B)
(Name of Dish) CONTAINS (Column C) SHOW “Student Meal” ELSE (Column C)
(Name of Dish) CONTAINS (Column D) SHOW “Vegan” ELSE (Column D)
(Name of Dish) CONTAINS (Column E) SHOW “Healthy Meal” ELSE (Column E)
AND (Seperator) AND (Name of Dish)

Is that possible?

Hi @bugpy - how about this:

I’ve just shown this with the “budget” element, but you can easily extend to vegetarian, student and so on.

You have your site name, name of dish and a keyword for the budget classification. The “Budget” formula field is:

IF(SEARCH(LOWER({Budget Keyword}), LOWER({Name of Dish})), 'Budget', {Budget Keyword})

and the SEO Text field is:

{Site Name} & ' ' & IF(Budget, Budget) & ' | ' & {Name of Dish}

If this works for you, then just extend for each category with a pair of fields - Vegetarian Keyword/Vegetarian, Student Keyword/Student, etc and modify the SEO Text formula.


@JonathanBowen ah ok. Probably a much easier way of doing it! Just managed to make it work through a few columns of formulas and now it’s all automated!

Thank you!