If Blank than Blank

Hey Guys,
Trying to figure out how to leave a cell BLANK.
I’m tracking soccer games.

Here’s my formula:

IF({Home Score} > {Away Score}, {Home Team} & " " & “Wins!!”,IF({Away Score}>{Home Score},{Away Team} & " " & “Wins!”,IF({Home Score}={Away Score},“Draw”)))

The first part is ok. I get the right values for HOME / AWAY & DRAW. the problem is with future games, where the “score” cells are still empty, I get “Draw”. technically it’s true, but I’d like to leave the cell empty or insert a placeholder text instead.

Thanks in advance.

You’ll want to first check if both scores are empty (or alternatively, if both scores are entered), then run the rest of your formula.

IF(AND({Home Score}, {Away Score}), IF({Home Score} > {Away Score}, {Home Team} & " Wins!", IF({Away Score} > {Home Score}, {Away Team} & " Wins!", IF({Home Score} = {Away Score}, "Draw"))))

You can also simplify your formula a little like so:
IF(AND({Home Score, {Away Score}), IF({Home Score} = {Away Score}, "Draw", IF({Home Score} > {Away Score}, {Home Team}, {Away Team}) & " Wins!"))

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Thanks kamille! I really appreciate it.

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