IF Field = x, then = $5.00, OR IF Field=y, then = $1.00

Can someone help my brain wrap around this type of formula?
I’m trying to get different amounts to populate based on what is selected in a different field. For example)
Field 1 is State
Trying to get Field 2 to calculate: if Field 1 is Missouri, then Field 2 should equal $2.00, OR If Field 1 is Illinois, then Field 2 should equal $1.00

Hi @Leah_Huelsing,

How manny variables do you have in the State field?

I think a Switch formula would be better since you dont have a “Formula” that needs calculations.

So it would be SWITCH({State}, “Illinois”, 1, “Missouri”, 2)

Since in typing from my phone, the quotation marks are not correct, please change them in your formula to the correct ones)

Hope that helps.

SWITCH worked, you’re amazing!

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My pleasure :slight_smile: glad it worked

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