If formula for multiple check boxes


I’ve searched and can’t find anything close to what I’m looking for. But I’m old and half blind so…

Using the table below as an example. I want visitors to be able to “checkmark” the Choice field for multiple sports and then have the columns only show up if that column has that sport checked.

Am I way off base using an If formula or should I be looking in another direction?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


For displaying columns look at some of the Group or Filter Function. You’d want to create a new view just for this purpose.


I’d need some more information to assess your end goal. Your Columns (ie fields are set. You can hide or show them). Your Records (Ie rows) can be displayed on or off through filters or groups.
Right now Your Sports are records and your Locations are fields.

Try using the Mult-Select option for one of the fields. So you can have one field that has “Field Choice” and they can select LA, Atlanta, NY and only those would be displayed in the field.Sample




I am still trying to understand your request. What would the end result be for you with the data you collect?