IF formula to autopopulate a date depending on multiple select

Hi there! I’m hoping to create a formula that autopopulates a due date based on whether two things are selected from a multiple select field.

Right now I’m using the following formula to make writing due dates three days before design due dates (to give time for design).

WORKDAY({Final Due Date}, -3)

However, if design is not selected, the copy due date should really be the same as the final due date.

Is there an IF formula that communicates “if design is selected, copy due date = final due date - 3 days days, but if not selected, copy due date = final due date”?

Thanks for your help!

If I understand your request correctly, and if your current WORKDAY() formula is doing what you intend it to, then I think this should be what you are looking for:

   FIND("Design", {Multi-Select Field Name}),
   WORKDAY({Final Due Date}, -3),
   {Final Due Date}
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That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!

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