IF Multiple Select choice = x, then (amount*.25)

Hi, I’m very new to Airtable.
I am crafting a budget base for freelance business. I have an Income table and I am trying to only calculate tax for untaxed income.

I have a multiple choice selection with options “FREELANCE” and “PAYROLL”
then I have a field for calculating the tax (amount*.25)

I want to be able to only calculate tax for the records that are selected FREELANCE…

IF multiple select = FREELANCE then (amount*.25)
IF multiple select = PAYROLL then 0

I have no idea how to go about doing this, all my attempts have failed.

Hi @Luna_Lewis,

Welcome to Airtable!

I have the following recommendations:

  1. Make sure the Income field is set as a Number or Currency, not as a Text.

  2. Use this formula IF({Employee Type}="Freelance",Income*0.25,0). (change Employee Type to your Field name with the select option)

This should work.


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Wow. So it is that simple.
Thank you!
I was just missing the brackets I think.

Im glad it worked :slight_smile: please mark it as solved.

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