If Not formula question


Hi there,

I’m looking to make a custom formula and have been looking around, but can’t seem to find the correct way to write it.

I have a Due date list called “first pass” and a single select list called “in production”. I’d like to make it so if the status is not listed as “Sent to Bob” by the first due date, it’s status is listed as “Overdue”

Does this make sense?
Thanks in advance,


So you have 2 conditions:

  • Today is after a date, you have IS_AFTER() function.
  • Status is not ‘Sent to Bob’, you have the NOT() function to wrap {Status} = 'Sent to Bob'. Or simply {Status} != 'Sent to Bob'

And you have the function AND() to join both:

IF(AND(Condition1,Condition2), Action_True, Action_False).


Hi there, thanks so much for the quick reply. I feel like I’m very close now, but still haven’t got it working… Could you let me know what’s wrong?

IF(AND(IS_AFTER({First Pass Due},TODAY()),{In Production} != 'Sent to Bob',"Overdue","In Progress"))

Thanks again.


HI Devin, are the spaces before and after the ‘!=’ actually in your formula? They probably need to go.


I think the closing parentheses of the AND is not well placed, I see it at the end of the IF and not after ‘Bob’.