If Statements on different contractor splits


Hi All,

Pretty new to airtable so excuse the rookie question! We have contractors to our business that all have a different percentage of the overall fee we charge that they retain as commission. We have a contractors field but I can’t seem to get the formula right to reflect the split of each contractor i.e if Peter is the contractor = 0.25 (25%). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


That’s the context, but what’s the error? What Tables and Fields do you have?


I think this is case where you could use the SWITCH() function:

   "Peter", 0.25,
   "Bob", 0.15,
   "ABC Contracting", 0.3,


@Justin_Nickerson - @Jeremy_Oglesby is perfectly correct in what he says but how scalable this is depends upon the number of contractors you have and how much change there is.

You may want to consider a Contractors table with a percentage commission field - you can use a Lookup field in your other table to pick up the value (once you’ve linked the record of course).


Brilliant! I had worked through creating the formula to reflect - but @Julian_Kirkness - that way will be a simpler and cleaner way of operating. Much thanks to all!