IF/THEN Formula using 3 columns



I have 3 columns that contain my data.

Column 1 is a checkbox (yes or no)
Column 2 is a currency value ($100)
Column 3 is a currency value ($50)

I have another column that I would like to display the output of a formula - we’ll just call it Column 4.

Here’s what I would like to do.

IF Column 1 = “yes” or “box checked”, find the difference between Column 3 and Column 2 (e.g. $100 - $50) and display this new currency value in a 4th column (output = $50).

Obviously the values I’m using here are over simplified than what I actually have.

I’m struggling to make this work. Can anyone lend a hand?


IF({Column 1}, {Column 3} - {Column 2})