If Then Statement To A Single Select Option

I am wondering if I can take the column that’s titled “Client Lifetime Value” which is a numbers column… If the “Client Lifetime Value” is set at $37 I want it to print out “$37 Package Purchased” but if the value is $127 I want it to say “$127 Package Purchased”.

I would like these to show up in a Single Select column at the end of it so that the options are colored and easily distinguished. We use the single select options to ensure that the filtering for the rest of the spreadsheet works correctly.

Hi there – you can have a formula field output “X Package Purchased,” but it isn’t possible to formulaically change the value of a single select field.

For the former, the switch formula might be of interest.

Greatly appreciate the help, Pete! I will go ahead and. put that into motion. Are you able to color code the table based upon what it says? Just trying to make it more easily recognizable when someone is looking at the airtable base.

You’re welcome, Andrew :+1:

You can add color to your records on our Pro Plan.

If you’re sticking with the free plan, conditionally displaying emojis in a formula field (no joke!) is likely your best bet.


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