Inventory and item tracking management

Hello !

I am trying to achieve item tracking for equipments. The general idea is that items are stored in a location. They will be placed in boxes, which are going to be sent to projects. I would like to get a table of all items with their locations.

I want to be able to scan a barcode on the item, and change its location. That works fine.

  1. Now some boxes always contain the same things, so I want to only scan the box, change its location and that it changes to loation of all the items in the box.
    That is almost achieved by linking items to a box, and having a lookup field to get the location of the box. But that is a text field, and not a location field. Is there a way that changing the location of one box will change the location of its items ?

  2. When putting items in a box, I want to be able to scan them and link them to the box. I know the app on Android does not support modifying fields of type “link to another record”. So I created a single select field with the same box names. After assigning items to a box, copy pasting the box field into the liked field will achieve what I want.
    Is there a way that my “linked to” field is automaticaly updated when my “Box” field changes ?

I hope mypost is clear enough !

Thank you.


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