Is is possible to create a view across multiple tables?

I’m trying to build a Staff Council base. I have a person table, a district table, and a term table. The person table has person ID as the unique key and contains biographical information; the district table has district ID as the unique key and has district name, etc., and the term brings together the person and the district for a specific time period. I’d like to have a view that is based off of the term table, but also shows, for example, the person’s name and email and the district name. However, the view functionality seems to be limited to the fields from one table. Is there a way to bridge them? They are already linked together.

Since your tables are linked, you could use Lookup fields to pull in data from [Districts] and [Person] into the [Terms] table. So you could make a Lookup field to display the relevant [Person]'s {Email} field displayed in the [Terms] table.

Ahhh, that’s what I needed. Thank you!