Is it possible to Approve Form before it goes to grid view? (Form Moderation)

Hi Guys,

We’ve freshly setup awesome initiative for Tech companies that want to help NGOs, we are getting many responses and submitions but not all of them are Tech Companies that we are look for.
TechToTheRescue[dot]org there you can see our

We have Live view for Grid on embeed on website + form under this. I want to have option to approve
form submission before it goes live, is there such a option?

Best, Tom

Hi @Tomasz_Aniol,

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I believe the best option would be to have the form populate another table first, then copy the records that are relevant to the grid view on your website.


Thanks! That was what I’ve done so far but I want to know if there is more “automated” way


Hi @Tomasz_Aniol,

I would recommend creating a new field that you can use to approve submissions before they populate your public table embed.

To do that, create a new field - this could be a checkbox, or single select - and assign some value to denote that a submission is approved for display on your site.

Then, create a new view (see my example titled approved submissions), and add a filter that only shows submissions that are approved. In my example, this is any record that has the status Approved.

Use this filtered view to embed the table on your site. Hope this is helpful!


Thats an even better solution :grin:

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Thanks Jason! That’s brilliant! I will do just that!

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