Is it possible to limit attachment column type to have one attachment per row

Hi Airtable community,

I’m planning to use Airtable as the datastore for a statically generated site I’m building using GatsbyJS. I’ve been really impressed by the ease of use of this tool! I’m looking for the ability to create a carousel of images that have a caption and alt text per images. My idea was to have each image be a row in a table, with caption and alt text being additional columns. I would group them by an additional column, to have multiple carousels. Is it possible to limit a row with an attachment column to just have one attachment? Also if it sounds like I’m going about this the wrong way, I’d appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

Airtable doesn’t give you the ability to change the way the gallery looks, but you might want to check out, which gives different ways of displaying your records as a gallery on your website.

Also, if you’re good with writing your own code, you can write your own custom code for your website, and pull in data from your base using Airtable’s excellent REST API.

Interesting product, will follow. Though that’s not quite what I was looking for, I just want to restrict a column to have a maximum of one attachment per row. It looks like it’s not possible at the moment. Not a big deal

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