Keep duration format when using Concantate formula

I have a column with a value in seconds which I can easily set up as a mirror showing duration using the formatting option. I now want to concantate that with an integer so I end up with something like

“234 - 01:04:32”

where the formula is

CONCATENATE({integar field}, " - ",{duration field})

trouble is that the latter field converts itself back to seconds! How I can I stop it doing that?

Many thanks

Hi @Jim_Hitch,

I’m not in front of my computer to test it out, but try something along the lines of;

{integar field} & “–” & DATETIME_FORMAT({duration field}, ‘h:mm:ss’)

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Thanks Nathalie, I’ll give this a go early next week when I get a chance and get back to you.

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