Limit the Number of Workshop Registrations

We are planning a conference with numerous workshops, each of which has a limited number of “spots” available.

What is the best way to allow students to register until the slots are filled? We thought about using Forms, but we don’t know how to make the Form close automatically once the workshop capacity has been reached.

Thank you!

Hi @Career_Services - yes, this can be done. Here’s how I would set this up:

A Workshops table:

And an Attendees table:

The attendees table can use an Airtable form to capture the registrations.

The trick is to have a view on the Workshops table for “available workshops” - workshops which have not yet reached their maximum attendance level.

You’ll see there is a few fields on the workshops table to support this:

  • The attendees table links to the workshops table
  • We can then count the number of attendees
  • Finally, there is a formula field to show whether or not a workshop is still available to book:

IF({Count of attendees} < {Max Attendees}, 'Yes', 'No')

We can create a view “Available Workshops” which only shows the workshops where the formula field returns “Yes”:

The final piece of the jigsaw is to make the linked field on the attendees table limited to the “available workshops” view:

So, now, when a workshop has been booked to the capacity level, it is automatically removed from the “available workshops” view and so is no longer available in the workshop booking form attached to the attendees table.


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