Linked Sheets - Many Columns


I’m trying to see if there is as way to have a master list of items and then several sub-sets of properties in different sheets. I’d like the same list of items to show up across all sheets and also be deleted in all sheets if it’s removed. We have a lot of different fields to update and it’s unwieldy keeping it in the same sheet with a million columns. I also need a way to export just certain sets of data for all items into excel to share with clients and thought separate sheets would be the best way to go, but I’m open to suggestions.


First Sheet
Item 1 weight, height, color, etc
Item 2
Item 3

Second Sheet
Item 1 Quantity, manufacturer, etc.
Item 2
Item 3

Third Sheet
Item 1 Production schedule
Item 2
Item 3


Hi @KFerris and welcome

My thought is that you should have one Table (they’re not ‘Sheets’ in the way they would be in a spreadsheet - Airtable is NOT a spreadsheet) and then use Views to show you the data you need at any one time (different sets of Fields and also filtered records).

That is, unless you have columns which should be separate linked tables (for example several columns for holding multiple occurrences of essentially the same data).

You may find my blog posts about the basics of databases useful:

They use a different database but the principles are exactly the same. Feel free to join the site (which is brand new) if you’d like somewhere to discuss and learn about databases and related tools.

Hope this helps


Ahhh… thank you! Yes, this is exactly what I want to do. It’ll take a bit to set up all the views I need, but totally worth it. Thanks again!