Linking Three Tables Data to One Table's Field

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So here is what I’d like to do.
I have a base with four tables. All look precisely the same in terms of fields (types and names).
For your understanding, the first three tables are lists with data about particular individuals. And the last table includes all individuals.

My goal is to create a field on the fourth table that will let me know by the person’s “Name” (which is the first field) in which table he/she is located.
But, some of the records repeat themselves in different tables, so I’d also like to know if the record is in “table1” and “table 2”.

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That doesn’t sound like the best way to setup your base.

Instead of creating different tables, all of your people should be in one table, and then you can use different views to organize them differently.

You can learn more about views here:

And I also discuss views at length in my free Airtable training course here:

Actually when thinking about it, after you mentioned organizing it by views it sounds just as the right way to do so.

Thanks a lot!

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