Linking to another table for work complete

Hi Airtable,

I have a table containing hundreds of units in an apartment building. I am trying to get my contractor on task with specific work orders to each unit (i.e. Replace toilet, replace showerhead, paint walls, etc).

My method to do this would be to link that field to another table. The problem I run into is that it only shows one “Replace toilet” with all of the units attached. This would make it act as if he can only check the box once hes completed every single unit. How can I easily make hundreds of separate “replace toilet” work orders that he can check off as he completes?

Hi @Chris_Finck1 - my recommendation would be to break this down into 3 separate tables:

  • A table of apartments (which you already have)
  • A table of generic work items (replace toilet, replace showerhead, etc)
  • A table of tasks that joins the two:



In the Task List table, the Property and Work Item fields are linked records to the other two tables. If you want you can add who a task is assigned to (if you are using multiple people to complete the tasks), a due date, a completed checkbox.

Structuring the data this way allows you to build up a “master list” of possible tasks and only assign the relevant tasks to the apartments that need them.

Hope this helps.


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