Making list of film characters and their relationships

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on a TV series, and looking for some online database solution for a really easy(-looking) task: I have to follow the realationships between the characters of the TV show during the script writing (friends/enemies/…etc - it can also be a simple list). So it means I make a list with the names of the characters I guess, and then I need to duplicate this list and somehow make a third list that contains the connections between them (it’s like a two dimensional graph).

And then the second question: if the database is finished, how can I easily make the entries (we are talking about hundreds of character names). For example, I have two names in the list: “Joe” and “Bob”. I want to change their relationship into “friends”. I guess I will need some kind of combined searching form that looks for the two names and make me able the change the third data between them.

Do you think I can do this in Airtable? Can you help me with this?



Hey there! I think Airtable would be perfect for this.

When starting out, I found Airtable Universe to be an endless source of inspiration. Why not take a look at this base here, and tailor it to your needs?

Hope that helps!

Thanks Saastronomical,

wow, it looks an amazingly useful tool (Universe)! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good solution for my problem after browsing a few hours between the templates, they mostly use data entry forms and simple reports as I see, not many combines data like I need (self-linking list, recording relations between cell datas…). Or maybe I’m looking at the wrong way. :slightly_smiling_face:

But thanks anyway, the Airtable Universe will be really inspiring later.


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Hi @Miklos_Borsos,

You can use this example to achieve what you want in one table.

After doing so, you can use the Org Chart Block to show you a hierarchy of the relationships.


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