Managing & organizing content assets, keywords, and interlink strategy


I’m trying to use Airtable to organize all the content on my website, map out what pages each post links to, and what keywords each post target and page rank for.

Is it possible for Airtable to manage all this? Is there a guide somewhere people can recommend?

I did find this (, but it’s more about backlinking and social strategy than it is for content and keyword research.

I’ve been struggling with organizing this data for 3 weeks, and I’m about at my wits end, I can’t figure out the best way to leverage Airtable to accompish my goals, or even if I can. I’m even willing to share the airtable link to get some guidance. Any help appreciated!


I’m not sure of any one example base out there that gives you everything you want, but you may be able to pull together components from several. Have you checked the Website Content Audit base from Airtable Universe? It comes with a nice two-part (Part 1) (Part 2) article on its theory and use. There are a few other bases in Universe’s Content and Publishing sections that might stimulate ideas…


This is a great resource, not exactly what I was looking for, but another few good steps in the right direction, thank you so much! I’m slowly wrapping my head around the large volume of data I need to sort and organize. It’s coming together…