Many linked records in 1 Table

I’m wondering if anyone knows a way to solve this issue that I’m having with my ‘Employees’ table containing 12 unwanted destination links.

Current Base Setup:

  • Table 1: Employees
  • Table 2: Client Groups (for entities that are in the same family group)
  • Table 3: Client Entities (one record for each entity in the above Client Group)
  • Table 4: Jobs (for client jobs at an entity-level. Has linked records to all three tables above)

Number of Linked Records to Employees table:

  • Client Groups table: links 5 times to Employees table
  • Client Entities table: links 3 times to Employees table
  • Client Jobs table: links 4 times to Employees table

Each linked record represents a role that an employee plays at that level.

  • E.g., an employee linked at the ‘Client Groups’ level (Table 2) with the role ‘Reviewer’ will be the primary reviewer for all work related to that client group.
  • The same goes for an employee linked at the ‘Client Entities’ level (Table 3) with the role ‘Reviewer’ - they will take care of all review work for that client at the entity level.
  • These fields are then used at the ‘Jobs’ level (Table 4) to delegate work to an Assignee (the ‘Assignee’ field is yet another linked record to the Employees table). A lookup at the ‘Jobs’ level won’t work because some jobs are ad hoc and require unique assignments (each role has a unique linked record field which I use to automate the job Assignee based on role).

Result of this Base design:

  • My Employees table has 12 linked record fields which clutter my table.

Am I doing something horribly wrong to make my Employees table have 12 linked columns which aren’t ever consciously interacted with by users? Any suggestions welcome!

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