Monthly view by default

I want my applicant tracking system to automatically load the rows FOR THE CURRENT MONTH. I want all other entries hidden somehow.

Users send in entries via a form, the data is sent to a base, and then staff members operate on the data. But there should be some way to set DEFAULT views so that the entire 1000+ rows are not loaded each time.

How do I do this?

Hi @Richard - you need a view on your table which filters out items more than a month old. You can have multiple views on the same table:

More info here:

There’s a section within this about filtering too


Hi @Richard

Thinking about this, you are going to need to create a formula which works out whether each record is in the current month (because there is no filter option to do this as standard) and then filter on that formula field - this should work:


Then simply create a view with a filter if {This Month} is Yes…

Hope this helps!



Here’s a statement about choosing the default view from an Airtable employee:

In my experience with Airtable the default view for each table doesn’t matter much because the web client remembers the view I last used and doesn’t send me back to the default when I switch tables.

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